TechWindows 10 users urged to install crucial KB5039299 update

Windows 10 users urged to install crucial KB5039299 update

Windows 10 installation USB flash drive
Windows 10 installation USB flash drive
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26 June 2024 14:03, updated: 26 June 2024 14:13

Windows 10 users should consider the optional update that has appeared in the system settings. The KB5039299 package will not be deployed automatically and requires manual initiation of the update check to gain access to it. However, it is worth installing as it removes known bugs.

As reported by Microsoft, the update KB5039299, available for Windows 10 22H2 users, addresses the problematic behaviour of several options, including the context menu on the taskbar. It refers to the right-click of the mouse, which should display additional options related to a given application. Due to the bug, Windows 10 would display a new window asking how to open the file. The update KB5039299 eliminates this issue from the system.

This update also resolves several other bugs, including the unjustified display of graphic artefacts in certain situations visible while using, among other things, Edge and the issue of the system failing to wake up from hibernation. This problem could occur with BitLocker enabled.

When updating Windows 10, users should remember the upcoming end of support. Microsoft offers a free upgrade to Windows 11, but not every machine meets the minimum requirements. Alternatively, users might consider purchasing new equipment that meets the requirements or moving to Windows in the cloud, which might be especially attractive for business users.

In any case, it is essential to regularly back up data before performing updates. Other options are also available for those who cannot or do not want to upgrade to Windows 11. One of them is to remain on Windows 10, fully aware of the risks associated with the lack of security updates.

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