NewsTrump's debate claims fact-checked: Missteps and misinformation revealed

Trump's debate claims fact-checked: Missteps and misinformation revealed

During the debate, Trump said a lot, but much of it turned out to be untrue.
During the debate, Trump said a lot, but much of it turned out to be untrue.
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Ewa Sas

28 June 2024 13:09, updated: 28 June 2024 13:52

In popular opinion, Donald Trump won the presidential debate against Joe Biden. According to a poll conducted by CNN, which organized the debate, as many as two-thirds of viewers indicated him as the winner. Although Trump gained in appearance, his statements again contained many lies and misinformation.

Trump's statements were analysed by journalists from "The New York Times." They counted a total of 14 statements they classified as false. Among other things, he accused Joe Biden of not only failing to stop Putin but also encouraging Russia to start the invasion.

Meanwhile, it is enough to remember that in November 2021, Biden's administration sent CIA director William J. Burns to Russia, who warned Putin not to start the invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, it was Biden who imposed some of the biggest economic sanctions on Russia.

Trump also suggested that during his presidency, Iran was too poor to have money for terrorism, as his administration did not allow anyone to do business with that country.

They were broke. They had no money for Hamas. They had no money for anything. No money for terror - Trump claimed.

Meanwhile, Iran's economy still functioned, even without business support from the USA. Journalists remind us that it was Barack Obama's administration that caused Iran to return to work on its nuclear programme.

Trump-Biden debate. 14 lies by the former president

Trump claimed that Biden wants to raise taxes fourfold. Meanwhile, the current president of the USA has announced that he wants to raise taxes for the highest earners and corporations. However, they will not be four times higher.

A similar situation is with food prices, which, according to Trump, have increased two, three, or even four times. Meanwhile, food has indeed become more expensive, but a special index, which Americans use to monitor food prices, found that since 2021, they have increased by 20%.

Trump also claimed that Biden supporters would want abortions at every stage of pregnancy.

The problem they have is they’re radical because they will take the life of a child in the eighth month, the ninth month, and even after birth - the former US president said.

Meanwhile, official data shows that in 2021, already during Joe Biden's presidency, only 1% of abortions were performed after the fifth month of pregnancy. Over 90% were done before the 13th week of pregnancy.

Trump also claimed that everyone wanted to tighten abortion rights. Meanwhile, studies show that most US residents disagree with the Supreme Court's decision.

Recall: The Supreme Court in June 2022 overturned the Roe vs. Wade ruling, thus giving the green light to establish abortion laws at the state level.

Among the unfounded accusations made by Trump was also that Biden came to power only to bring his predecessor to court and that he was the one who got a US Department of Justice employee to the Manhattan prosecutor's office, which prosecuted all of Trump's cases. Meanwhile, the cases against Trump started before Biden took office.

And yes, a Department of Justice employee did join the prosecutor's office - as an assistant prosecutor. However, District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought the case against Trump.

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