NewsRussian police stunt turns deadly: Officer survives with broken leg

Russian police stunt turns deadly: Officer survives with broken leg

Crazy show in Russia, this is the state of the policeman
Crazy show in Russia, this is the state of the policeman
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Bartłomiej Nowak

29 June 2024 19:42

During a demonstration of skills by the Russian police, a horrific accident occurred. Police cars driving on two wheels were passing officers lying on the ground. However, something went wrong, and one of the cars fell on a traffic police inspector. We now know the condition of the injured officer.

What could go wrong during daring police shows driving cars on two wheels? Nothing – that's apparently what the picnic organisers in Ivanteyevka (a few kilometres outside Moscow) "thought". The local police leadership decided the idea was great.

However, during a picnic organised at the Vocational Training Centre, overseen by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a gruesome accident occurred. And it involved a police officer.

Russia: it was meant to be spectacular and it was! During performances by the local police in Ivanteyevka outside Moscow, a police car hit a traffic police inspector. The man was dragged several metres under the car – reads a post on platform X shared by Belsat.

Despite the absurd context, such an accident might seem fatal. Fortunately, the officer was wearing a helmet, and indeed, he had a lot of luck.

He had exceptional luck: the helmet saved the inspector from death. Now, there is no threat to his life, the policeman is under medical care - he only has a dislocated finger and a broken leg - reports the Nexta agency on platform X.

"Russia is a state of mind"

The video can certainly be labelled as another episode in the series "Russia is a state of mind". There are thousands of them on the internet. Fortunately for the officer, this time, it ended with a broken leg and a dislocated finger. We assume it won't be the last show or accident in Vladimir Putin's country. There is always something happening there...

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