SportsRomanian squad exits Euro 2024 in class after defeat

Romanian squad exits Euro 2024 in class after defeat

The Romanians made a nice gesture for the hosts after the match.
The Romanians made a nice gesture for the hosts after the match.
Images source: © Instagram, PAP | MOHAMED MESSARA, echipanationala
Kamil Różycki

4 July 2024 09:46

Euro 2024 has entered its decisive phase, where every match is a do-or-die for continuing in the tournament. One of this year's sensations, Romania, experienced this after a 3-0 defeat to the Netherlands, bidding farewell to the championship. Romania, however, displayed great class right after the concluded match.

The European Championship is crucial, with each match reducing the number of teams vying for the ultimate triumph. In Tuesday's matches, Romania, one of the most significant sensations of this year's Euro, said goodbye to the tournament. Nonetheless, Romania's conduct, both on and off the pitch, will be remembered for a long time.

Right after the final whistle, a photo of the Romanian players' dressing room appeared in the media. It showed the room clean, with a scrubbed floor and neatly arranged chairs. "Nothing was left behind, only a letter," the German "Bild Sport" reported.

Despite the bitterness of the defeat, those associated with the Romanian team staff cleaned the entire dressing room at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin before departure. They also left a small note featuring the federation's logo, national colours, and a few sentences in Romanian and German.

"Every match, every emotion, every experience brought us together and made us feel the magic of football," the Romanians wrote in a letter to the hosts.

They also thanked the organizers of the entire tournament for preparing this event. As mentioned, they felt at home in Germany. They expressed sentiments about the great European football family, which the Romanian federation was a part of during those few days.

"'We leave Germany with the thought that we gave everything for Romania and we are grateful for everything we experienced during the weeks spent here. It was an honor to be part of the great family of European football. Signed: Romania’s National Football Team" – they added.
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