NewsArchbishop's divine winning streak leads to casino ban in Zimbabwe

Archbishop's divine winning streak leads to casino ban in Zimbabwe

The archbishop won thousands of dollars in the casino/ illustrative photo
The archbishop won thousands of dollars in the casino/ illustrative photo
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25 June 2024 08:12

The Archbishop from Zimbabwe, after a series of successes at casino games, encountered an unpleasant surprise. After winning thousands of pounds, he was banned from entering further venues. Earlier, he boasted that God Himself was behind his winnings.

The clergyman in question is Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa. He has already won £24,000 (nearly £97,000) in a casino in Zimbabwe.

Mutumwa, the leader of the Johanne Masowe Echishanu Apostolic Church in Zimbabwe, openly boasted about his major win, saying that he achieved this with the help of God himself. He claimed that God had given him the "way to win."

The archbishop from Zimbabwe wins at the casino. Now he has received a ban

After his exploits, the clergyman did not have much time to celebrate due to the ban on entering further casinos in Zimbabwe.

Operators of other venues told him to stay away from these places due to fears that he was winning unfairly, with help from God.

"They are afraid that they will go bankrupt because I win too often," said Archbishop Mutumwa, as quoted by the "Daily Star" portal.

According to his words, he used the prize money to pay tuition fees for some members of his church and provide funds to start businesses.

"The Lord gave the numbers through a vision"

The clergyman also addressed critics of gambling, saying that "God works in mysterious ways. This win was not about luck, but about a test of faith."

"I prayed for guidance, and the Lord provided the numbers through a vision. Isn't it a blessing to use these winnings to bring comfort to my faithful congregation?" he continued.

A manager of one of the local casinos also spoke on the matter, saying that betting venues in similar cases often restrict or prevent people with large winnings from continuing to participate in games.

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