NewsYoung man beaten to death in Germany: Town mourns and mayor warns

Young man beaten to death in Germany: Town mourns and mayor warns

20-year-old beaten up in Germany. The perpetrator in the hands of the police
20-year-old beaten up in Germany. The perpetrator in the hands of the police
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Mateusz Czmiel

30 June 2024 11:37

20-year-old Philippos Tsanis, whose mother is Polish and father is Greek, was beaten to death in Germany. The incident took place in Bad Oeynhausen, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the western part of the country. The attack occurred while he was returning with two friends from his sister's prom. "The system has reached its limits," said the mayor of the town.

The incident occurred on 23 June. On the night from Saturday to Sunday around 12:30 AM GMT, Philippos Tsanis was walking with two friends through the neighbouring spa gardens. He had been at his sister's graduation ceremony at the Imperial Palace earlier. There, Tsanis was attacked by a group of ten men. According to the police, it happened "suddenly" and "frontally" - the German newspaper Bild writes.

He died three days after the attack

The 20-year-old was kicked, among other places, in the head. The attackers calmed down only when witnesses called the police. The young man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed him with a brain haemorrhage. The 20-year-old died three days after the attack.

"It was a cold-blooded murder. I can't believe that my son is gone, that he died in such a way," said the distraught mother of Philippos Tsanis. "He just wanted to have a good time at his sister's prom. His life was just beginning. This violence must stop. This could have happened to any child; no parent should experience this," added the father of the 20-year-old, Dimitris.

The perpetrator is an 18-year-old migrant

The main assailant was reportedly an 18-year-old Syrian, who was well-known to the police. The man was arrested. As reported by the police and the prosecutor on Thursday, the 18-year-old has not yet commented on the charges of involuntary manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

According to information from Die Welt, a Syrian arrived in Germany in 2016. Initially, the authorities said it was 2018. The information has been corrected, and the nationality has been confirmed.

Among the suspects are at least three other Germans aged 18. Investigators stated that the number of individuals involved in the crime is "subject to ongoing investigation."

"The system has reached its limits"

A week after the incident, residents of Bad Oeynhausen gathered in the park where the attack took place to pay tribute to the deceased 20-year-old. "The town is immersed in deep mourning. There is great horror and bewilderment," said the town's mayor, Lars Bökenkröger, to the newspaper Bild.

He acknowledged that municipalities must create housing for refugees and day-care centres. "We need to ensure the development of schools and provide full-time places. We must ensure integration and social inclusion. We have a growing number of cases there, skyrocketing social costs. Next, we must see how we deal with our children and youth, regardless of whether they are Germans or from a migrant background," he added.

The town's mayor also emphasised that "the system has reached its limits in terms of places and integration." "This will no longer work. If we have schools where 90% of the children have migrant backgrounds, it will be difficult to teach that subject and promote integration. This no longer works," he added.

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