TechWhy your seat belt has a hidden button: The safety secret revealed

Why your seat belt has a hidden button: The safety secret revealed

Seat belts have this element not by accident
Seat belts have this element not by accident
Images source: © Canva, Getty Images | Daniil Dubov

19 June 2024 16:33

Every vehicle includes standard equipment, including airbags and seat belts, which should always be fastened. Few people know why small plastic buttons are on the latter. They were not placed there merely for decoration.

Nowadays, seat belts are a prominent part of every car's equipment that few people pay attention to. Meanwhile, their design hides certain elements we may not know about. Have you ever wondered, for instance, why manufacturers place small plastic buttons on the belts?

Seat belts with a button?

The Volvo brand introduced the first seat belts in 1958; in the 1980s, Mercedes improved their functionality. Over time, other companies began developing increasingly safer belt technologies.

You are returning to the design of the seat belts. You may have noticed a characteristic button on them, the purpose of which may be a mystery to you. Although it does not directly increase your safety, it significantly improves user comfort. Each of us has likely performed acrobatic manoeuvres trying to catch the end of the belt before a trip. This button keeps the belt buckle at a fixed height, always within reach, and facilitates quick fastening.

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