LifestyleVenomous red-bellied black snake found in child's bed in Queensland

Venomous red‑bellied black snake found in child's bed in Queensland

An uninvited guest awaited in the baby's crib (screen)
An uninvited guest awaited in the baby's crib (screen)
Images source: © Facebook @Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

20 June 2024 09:53

A venomous snake was found in a child's bed in a house in Jimboomba, Australia. The snake had hidden among the stuffed animals. A recording was published on social media.

The dangerous situation occurred in the small town of Jimboomba in the Australian state of Queensland. A hazardous snake crawled under the pillows and stuffed animals on the child’s bed. As it later turned out, it was a red-bellied black snake.

It was dangerous

"This highly venomous red-bellied black snake was relocated from a child's bed this morning in Jimboomba after trying to blend in with some cuddle toys," - it was written under the recording on Facebook, posted on June 16 by the company Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, which deals with capturing dangerous reptiles.

The video shows a company employee, Bryce Lockett, moving the stuffed animals and toys away from the child’s bed to reveal the snake. He then grabs it, places it on the floor, and, after a moment, drives the snake into a unique bag before taking it out of the house.

Venomous species

The red-bellied black snake is a venomous species native to Australia. It most commonly appears in the eastern and southern parts of the continent, though encounters with the reptile in other regions have been reported. These snakes can reach lengths up to 1.5 meters; the one in the child’s bed was medium size.

They are generally shy reptiles that try to hide from humans and animals more significant than themselves. However, when provoked, they may bite to defend themselves.

A bite can have serious consequences in addition to being painful. Symptoms include localized swelling, bleeding, and even necrosis. Common symptoms caused by a red-bellied black snake bite include nausea, headaches, stomach pains, and even loss of sense of smell.

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