NewsUS bolsters European defense with missile deployment in Germany

US bolsters European defense with missile deployment in Germany

The USA will deploy long-range missiles in Germany
The USA will deploy long-range missiles in Germany
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Justyna Lasota-Krawczyk

10 July 2024 19:03

The White House announced on Wednesday that the United States will begin deploying long-range missiles in Germany in 2026. The missiles listed include hypersonic missiles, SM-6 missiles, and Tomahawks.

The United States will start sporadic deployment of long-range firepower means in Germany in 2026 as part of plans for the permanent stationing of these means in the future," said the statement from the US and German governments. SM-6 missiles, Tomahawks, and still-developing hypersonic weapons, which will have "a significantly greater range" than currently deployed missiles, are to be stationed in Germany. According to the White House, this aims to show the United States' commitment to NATO and their contribution to European "integrated deterrence."

Implementation of earlier announcements

Wednesday's statement implements announcements made by White House representatives before the NATO summit about "significantly strengthening the deterrence factor" against Russia in Europe.

This will be the first time since the Russian invasion that long-range American missiles will be deployed. It is also a response to Russia's deployment of Iskander missiles in Belarus and the Kaliningrad Oblast.

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