NewsTrump plans to reshape NATO, negotiate Ukraine terms with Putin

Trump plans to reshape NATO, negotiate Ukraine terms with Putin

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Rafał Strzelec

3 July 2024 13:24

Donald Trump is considering scenarios to end the war in Ukraine. The Republican candidate for the US presidency is reportedly already negotiating with Vladimir Putin about how much Ukrainian territory Russia will be able to keep, reports the "Politico" website. Trump is also said to be thinking about an agreement under which NATO would pledge not to expand eastward.

Donald Trump increasingly seems to be on his way to the presidential seat. The last debate with Joe Biden, during which the current US president was not at his best, in the opinion of observers, only increased Trump's chances of victory.

Trump and his views cause consternation in many countries—primarily regarding foreign policy. His loud statements encouraging Russia to do what it wants with countries that do not pay enough for their defence while being in NATO still resonate. The Republican candidate believes that it is actually the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and primarily Biden's alleged aggressive policies that led to the outbreak of full-scale war in Ukraine.

For 20 years, I’ve heard that NATO is a real problem for Russia. I've been hearing this for a long time, and I think it's really the reason this war started—Trump said on David Sacks' podcast "All In".

War in Ukraine. Is Trump negotiating with Putin?

Perhaps Trump is so confident that he is already preparing to take over the presidency after Biden. According to "Politico," the former US president is reportedly negotiating with Putin about how much Ukrainian territory Russia can take. "Politico" cites national security experts from the Republican candidate's circle. Moreover, Trump also reportedly wants to commit to NATO to halt expansion to additional countries in the east, especially Ukraine and Georgia.

Donald Trump is also said to be thinking about reorienting NATO. According to "Politico," he will demand more lavish defence spending from allies. This is supposed to be a condition for the continued US participation in NATO. Instead of being the primary security provider, the US would only provide support in times of crisis.

According to "Politico," the United States will maintain its nuclear umbrella over Europe during Trump's second term, with air forces and bases in Germany, England, Turkey, and naval forces. However, the majority of infantry, armoured vehicles, logistics, and artillery would be provided not by Americans but by Europeans themselves.

Reportedly, a two-tier system is being considered in NATO. This means that the United States would not guarantee security to those countries that do not meet the stipulated spending level of 2% of GDP on defence.

"Politico" emphasises that according to Trump supporters, the United States is no longer able to provide security in Europe and face challenges from not only Russia but also China. The US national debt is growing, and military recruitment is decreasing, which is supposed to trigger a revolution in thinking about the principles on which NATO operates.

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