NewsTragedy in Ukraine: Fourteen dead in tanker and minibus collision

Tragedy in Ukraine: Fourteen dead in tanker and minibus collision

Tragic accident in Ukraine. 14 people dead, including a child.
Tragic accident in Ukraine. 14 people dead, including a child.
Images source: © State Emergency Service of Ukraine
Radosław Opas

7 July 2024 13:08

A tragic accident occurred in the Rivne district of Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of fourteen people following a collision between a tanker and a minibus. Among the victims is a 6-year-old child.

The incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 15:45 GMT on the Horodyshche-Rivne-Starokostyantyniv route near the village of Verkhiv. The tanker collided with the minibus, causing significant casualties.

"The responders who arrived at the scene determined that there was an accident involving a lorry and a Mercedes Sprinter minibus," the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported in a published statement.

Fourteen people killed

Services reported that fourteen people, including a 6-year-old child, were killed in the collision. Among the deceased were the drivers of both vehicles and twelve passengers of the minibus.

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko stated on social media that the police are investigating the cause of the accident.

"One woman survived, and doctors are fighting for her life. Condolences to the victims' families," wrote the head of Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs on Telegram.

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