EntertainmentTom Cruise's estranged relationship: A decade without daughter Suri

Tom Cruise's estranged relationship: A decade without daughter Suri

Tom Cruise does not have and does not want to have contact with his daughter.
Tom Cruise does not have and does not want to have contact with his daughter.
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4 July 2024 21:09

Tom Cruise, in a way, leads a double life. On one hand, he's a beloved actor worldwide with iconic roles to his credit. On the other hand, he's a father who hasn't had contact with his daughter for over a decade. Media reports suggest this was a conscious decision on his part.

Suri Cruise was born 18 years ago as the daughter of one of Hollywood's then-hottest couples. Her father is Tom Cruise, and her mother is Katie Holmes. The girl's parents divorced when she was just 6 years old. The split of the actor couple was widely followed by the media around the world. It wasn't amicable, and Katie had to make a difficult decision, not only about the divorce but also about leaving the Church of Scientology.

Suri Cruise grew up without her father

It's no secret that Cruise is one of the most prominent Scientologists. Several years ago, he faced a choice. He could either save his family or stay in the sect, and he chose the latter, thereby severing contact with his daughter. Tom hasn’t seen Suri for over 10 years.

During this time, Katie Holmes single-handedly took on raising her daughter. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City, and her acting career significantly slowed down. However, she achieved something that, in the industry (especially the American one), is almost impossible. Eighteen-year-old Suri has not become a celebrity or influencer. Yes, she is occasionally photographed by paparazzi, but besides that, she seems to lead a relatively normal life.

A few weeks ago, Suri partied at her school's end-of-year celebration. Her mother was present at the ceremony. For obvious reasons, Tom Cruise wasn't there. Many expressed distaste when photos of the actor surfaced the next day, showing him mingling in a sea of teenage fans at a Taylor Swift concert in London.

Tom Cruise doesn't want to have contact with his daughter

As it turns out, Tom Cruise supposedly made a conscious decision to remove himself from his daughter's life.

The truth is that for the last 11 years Tom chose not to see Suri - reveals an insider to "In Touch Weekly" magazine.

As they add, the last time Tom saw his daughter was in September 2013, when she broke her arm. Since then, they haven't been photographed together. A source close to the star emphasizes that Cruise had no legal restrictions on contacting his daughter.

Neglectful father Tom Cruise?

While Suri was under 18, her father had to contact her mother first. Now, however, the girl is an adult, and her father still does not seek to renew their relationship. Suri herself has taken pointed steps, relinquishing her dad's last name.

It was entirely Tom's decision not to see Suri. He has repeatedly proven that his loyalty to the religion is most important to him - summarizes a source to "In Touch Weekly".

It's worth noting that Tom has contact with his children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman. The significant difference is that Bella and Connor are Scientologists.

Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri
Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri© Getty Images | James Devaney
Suri with her mum in New York
Suri with her mum in New York© Getty Images | James Devaney
Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri
Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri© Getty Images | James Devaney
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