LifestyleTiktoker's clever food storage hacks can keep your groceries fresh

Tiktoker's clever food storage hacks can keep your groceries fresh

A TikToker put a popular vegetable into a bread bag.
A TikToker put a popular vegetable into a bread bag.
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25 June 2024 12:53

Proper food storage, whether in the refrigerator or on kitchen shelves, is not always obvious to everyone. We often place food products without much thought, which can contribute to their spoiling faster and losing freshness. A well-known TikTok user decided to share a few methods with her followers that help keep food fresh for up to three weeks.

Katya Meckle, a wellness expert who runs a profile on TikTok, educates internet users about healthy eating and food management. Recently, she presented her viewers with exciting ways to store food products. She pointed out that properly storing items like bread, bananas, berries, and lettuce can significantly extend their freshness. Moreover, these are not time-consuming activities.

These simple tricks can extend the freshness of products

Meckle surprised internet users with simple yet effective methods to reduce food waste. She explained how to prevent products from spoiling so quickly. Particularly interesting for viewers was a trick that prevented bread from drying out or becoming mouldy for three weeks. It requires a straightforward action. Katya revealed that you only need to put a celery stalk in the bread bag.

Additionally, Katya demonstrated how to store popular fruits. She recommends wrapping the top of bananas with aluminium foil. Carrots and green vegetables should be stored in a container with water, ensuring they are well-washed beforehand. This extends their usability.

Meckle uses the same containers for storing berries. Before placing them in the boxes, she washes the berries in water with apple cider vinegar and waits for them to dry. Then, she puts a paper towel at the bottom.

Commenters appreciate the TikToker's ideas

TikTok users showered Katya with positive comments, thanking her for the food storage tips. They admitted that they had not used similar methods before and often wasted food, which ended up in the bin. Now, they see a difference when they store products properly. Many people save a lot of money with these simple methods.

Some also shared their food storage methods. One user suggested storing bread in the freezer. As the commenter noted, bread can then last up to a month. When she wants a slice, she simply takes it out a day before and defrosts it.

On TikTok, we can find many exciting tips worth implementing. Importantly, they cover a variety of fields, including house maintenance, gardening, and daily simple tasks.

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