EntertainmentTeacher who married adopted son 30 years younger files for divorce

Teacher who married adopted son 30 years younger files for divorce

A Russian woman married her adopted son
A Russian woman married her adopted son
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24 June 2024 11:46

This couldn’t have succeeded. A year ago, the media was abuzz with the news of a Russian woman who walked down the aisle with a man 30 years her junior. The real problem, however, lay not in the age difference. Danill was the adopted son of his newlywed bride.

Much has already been said about love. It doesn’t choose. It’s blind... Love is undoubtedly also the protagonist of more than one scandalous story. There was a time when the story of Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim made headlines. Her husband turned out to be much younger than her and, in the eyes of the law, her son.

Controversial marriage

Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim worked as a music teacher at one of the Russian orphanages. It was there she met 13-year-old Danill. After a year of acquaintance, she adopted the boy. They lived together for eight years. Interestingly (and shockingly), Danill didn’t leave the family nest after this time—quite the opposite. He stayed in it in a new role—as Aisylu’s husband. The couple was said to have fallen head over heels in love with each other.

The woman’s family and neighbours didn’t accept their relationship. They were shocked not only by the over thirty-year age difference but also by the fact that Aisylu had been raising her husband for several years while he was still a minor. The woman herself didn’t see anything inappropriate in it. As she argued, they were an “ideal couple.”

Our relationship is perfect. We can't live without each other. We are on the same wavelength - she convinced in conversations with local media.

A love story without a happy ending

However, their marriage had more opponents than supporters, not only among their closest ones. Aisylu was stripped of custody of the five remaining children under her care. At that time, she explained that the adopted children (a boy and four girls) had returned to their biological families.

To start anew away from unfriendly gazes, Aisylu and Danill moved from the small town to Moscow. However, the relationship didn’t stand the test of time. The 22-year-old Danill allegedly couldn’t stay faithful to his wife. His weakness turned out to be dating apps.

The devastated teacher had no choice. She decided to file for divorce.

I was ashamed to admit this - she later told the press.

Danill himself remained tight-lipped and didn’t comment on the breakup of his marriage with his adoptive mother.

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