NewsTasmania woos tourists with quirky jobs for free stays and meals

Tasmania woos tourists with quirky jobs for free stays and meals

Ghost hunter. This island rewards generously for this job (illustrative photo)
Ghost hunter. This island rewards generously for this job (illustrative photo)
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Adam Sieńko

23 June 2024 14:21

Tourism organizations are showcasing increased creativity. The Tasmanians have decided to offer tourists unusual jobs upon arrival, such as ghost hunting. In return, visitors can expect free accommodation and meals.

Tasmania is situated 300 kilometres south of Australia. It is also one of the states of this country. The economy of this island, with approximately 500,000 residents, depends heavily on tourism revenue.

Unfortunately, unlike other popular travel destinations, tourism in Tasmania has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. Last year, 1.25 million people visited the island, compared to 1.35 million guests five years ago.

Work? Ghost hunting and eating oysters

The Tasmanian Tourism Chamber attempts to rekindle tourists' interest by offering them unusual jobs. The organization is recruiting employees for ten selected positions, some of which last only one day.

One such job is a ghost hunter, whose task is to track paranormal activities at Willow Court, the oldest psychiatric hospital in Australia. Interested individuals can expect to be equipped with the latest ghost-hunting gear.

Another job on the list is "oyster organizer." This temporary worker's duties will include sorting and cleaning oysters freshly collected in Great Oyster Bay. The chamber notes that hired individuals will also be able to taste the seafood, but only for "quality control" purposes.

Tourists can also work with the Astronomical Society of Tasmania and observe the night sky, hunt for truffles, and take walks with wombats—some of the most characteristic animals on the island, aside from Tasmanian devils.

The BBC writes that in return, those who come for such "ad-hoc" work can expect the Chamber to cover the cost of travel, accommodation, and meals.

Job in Australia - for whom?

Unfortunately, the organisers have also set a few conditions. Firstly, jobs on the island will be available only to adult Australian residents. The chamber requires a motivational letter in which, in less than 50 words, one must explain why one wants to leave their current employer and switch to a new one—a Tasmanian.

The time of year may prove to be a downside. The Tasmanian Tourism Chamber wants to "liven up" the winter season and is looking for volunteers. Winter in Tasmania starts in May and lasts until August. The air temperature ranges from 3 to 11 degrees Celsius during this time.

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