NewsSilent embargo sparks concern as Israel seeks new arms sources

Silent embargo sparks concern as Israel seeks new arms sources

War in Israel
War in Israel
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10 July 2024 08:32

After the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip, some ammunition producers and suppliers of raw materials necessary for its production decided to implement a "silent and unofficial embargo" on Israel, reported the Israeli financial daily "Calcalist" on Tuesday.

According to these reports, selected arms suppliers from European countries have ceased contact with their Israeli trade partners.

Silent embargo on Israel

The "Calcalist" daily also reported that one of the "foreign powers, which is not the USA and previously traded with Israel", refused to supply raw materials for ammunition production after 7 October 2023.

While the attention of the Israeli public is focused on military aid provided by the USA and the related tensions, the Ministry of Defence and the Israeli army staff are concerned about ammunition shortages following the informal boycott by other countries, the newspaper noted.

The "NYT" daily reported at the beginning of July that the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip began to conserve tank shells to keep some of them for a possible offensive against Hezbollah attacking the north of the country. These reports have been confirmed by "Kalkalist".

Supplies flowing from Serbia

Despite these difficulties, according to the daily, the Israeli defence industry has found new suppliers. Regular shipments from Serbia arrive by air in Tel Aviv.

The "Calcalist" pointed out that Israel's optimal solution would be to develop its own defence production. Nevertheless, this is a lengthy and costly process, and the amount of ammunition produced would still not be enough to meet the Israeli military's needs.

The daily also emphasised that aside from the political context complicating arms imports to Israel, one must also consider the situation in the global market. This market is experiencing an ammunition shortage, which is being intensely consumed not only in the Gaza Strip but also in Ukraine.

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