NewsRussian SU-24 breaches Swedish airspace, prompts swift response

Russian SU‑24 breaches Swedish airspace, prompts swift response

Swedish fighters in action (illustrative photo)
Swedish fighters in action (illustrative photo)
Images source: © Wikimedia | Milan Nykodym

15 June 2024 11:33

This is another alert regarding Russian aviation activity. On Friday, a Kremlin SU-24 fighter jet violated Swedish airspace east of Gotland. It is yet another such incident in recent days.

"The Russian aircraft was warned on Friday afternoon with a verbal warning, and when no attention was paid, and the aircraft did not alter its course, it was 'expelled' from Swedish airspace," the statement emphasized.

Violated airspace. Sharp reaction from Sweden

The head of the Swedish Air Force, Jonas Wikman, stated that "Russia's actions are unacceptable and demonstrate a lack of respect for Swedish territorial integrity."

Similar recent incidents by Russia occurred in 2022, when two Russian SU-27 and two SU-24 aircraft violated Swedish airspace, also near Gotland.

Finland also reported a violation of its airspace by Russia.

In the Baltic Sea, NATO exercises Baltops 24, which involve 19 countries under the command of the US, are ongoing until 20 June. Soldiers are honing their defence capabilities, among other places, on Gotland and in the Stockholm archipelago.

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