NewsRussian problems with the ISIS. Terrorists take hostages in Rostov detention centre

Russian problems with the ISIS. Terrorists take hostages in Rostov detention centre

Terrorist prisoners have taken hostages in Russia. Negotiations are ongoing.
Terrorist prisoners have taken hostages in Russia. Negotiations are ongoing.
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16 June 2024 10:41

Russian media report that in Rostov-on-Don, prisoners accused of ties with ISIS took two detention centre employees as hostages. They kidnapped the officers after duty: the head of one of the Federal Penitentiary Service's departments and junior on-duty inspector Viktor Konchakov.

The incident occurred at Detention Centre No. 1. Media reports that the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Rostov region and security forces are on the scene. Negotiations are underway regarding the release of the hostages. An ambulance and rescuers are on standby near the scene.

Officials have cordoned off the streets around the prison. Passages and routes are closed to all civilians. Authorities are trying to convince the prisoners to surrender and not harm the captured individuals. Special forces are ready to use force if negotiations with the terrorists reach a deadlock. The terrorists are demanding a car, weapons, and the ability to leave the country without obstacles.

Channel 112 published a recording from the detention centre. According to them, several men hold a department head and an inspector. In the video, they talk about their affiliation with a terrorist organisation. Special forces UFSIN and SOBR fighters have arrived on the scene. Negotiations with the prisoner-terrorists are currently underway. In the video, it is visible that the terrorists are holding knives. The sounds of a stun gun can be heard in the background.

Special Purpose Mobile Unit officers arrived at the detention centre.

- Allah himself prepared this group - one of the hostages says. According to a source from Channel 112, the hostages remain unharmed.

They planned to blow up the Supreme Court

Three terrorists who took hostages in the detention centre planned to blow up the Supreme Court. FSB officers managed to prevent the terrorist attack. Shamil Akiev, Tamerlan Gireev, and Azamat Tsitskiev bought all the components for a bomb, firearms, an automatic rifle, and two PM pistols but were unable to carry out their plan. In March, they were sentenced to 18 years of strict imprisonment each.

Media are publishing a recording of the terrorists arrested in 2023 when they intended to blow up the Supreme Court of KCR.

At that time, the bandits had everything prepared for the terrorist attack. Still, FSB officers were quicker - three members of the banned terrorist organisation were laid face down on the floor and then transported to the detention centre, where they are currently held.

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