NewsRussian missile strike decimates Kyiv Children's Hospital: 32 dead

Russian missile strike decimates Kyiv Children's Hospital: 32 dead

Olena Zelenska
Olena Zelenska
Images source: © Getty Images

8 July 2024 20:46

The Russians have launched more missiles at Ukrainian cities. One of these missiles struck a children's hospital in Kyiv. "Absolute and unjustified cruelty," Olena Zelenska wrote on Instagram.

About 130 people were injured and 32 people killed in the latest Russian missile attack on Ukraine. As a result, Kyiv's Children's Hospital was among those affected. Olena Zelenska referred to these tragic events.

The First Lady of Ukraine published photographs from the scene. "Since the first day of the war, Russia has repeatedly tried to attack this largest children's hospital in the country," she wrote on Instagram.

"I will take a close look at the summit"

Touching photos appeared on Olena Zelenska's official Instagram profile. In the first shot, we see young children's oncology hospital patients wearing protective masks and sitting on the street connected to drips. The hospital, where they were fighting for health and life, has turned into dangerous rubble, as shown in the following frames.

"Little patients of 'Ohmatdyt' under the open sky. Because the hospital was just bombed by the Russians. Children with oncology are after serious surgeries, and they came for help from all over the country. Since the first day of the war, Russia has repeatedly tried to attack this largest children's hospital in the country. This strike caused the most powerful destruction," wrote the First Lady of Ukraine.

Olena Zelenska revealed that she will personally attend the upcoming NATO summit, which will take place in Washington.

"It is also important to see everyone in the world who likes to talk about 'peaceful negotiations' with the aggressor. A total of 32 people were killed and 129 were injured as a result of today's shelling in the country. The numbers are still unfortunately being updated," emphasised the wife of the President of Ukraine.

The First Lady added that residents of Kyiv are currently carrying water, juices, and hygiene products to the children's oncology hospital patients on foot. They are traversing dangerous city routes in Kyiv to support Ukrainian children affected by illness, war, and homelessness.

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