NewsRussia suffers massive daily losses in the ongoing Ukrainian war

Russia suffers massive daily losses in the ongoing Ukrainian war

War in Ukraine. The Russians suffered huge losses in May 2024.
War in Ukraine. The Russians suffered huge losses in May 2024.
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Kamil Różycki

28 June 2024 09:51

Approximately 1,000 are killed and injured daily. These were the losses the Russians were reported to have sustained during May's military actions, as reported by "The New York Times." This number seems to reflect the voices of Russian army soldiers who spoke of high casualty rates.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for nearly two-and-a-half years. How many lives have been lost during this time? Estimates vary depending on the source, but certainly, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died in the war.

American daily "The New York Times," citing NATO and Western intelligence data, reports that May of this year was particularly bloody. During this month, Russia is said to have suffered enormous losses. Every day, one thousand Russian soldiers were reported to be killed or injured, according to the newspaper.

Although the scale of the losses is colossal, it's not as significant a problem for Russian authorities and the military as it might seem. As in the USSR, the principle "we have many people" is upheld. Russians do not concern themselves with the losses and send more soldiers to the front.

Russia has a simple way of replenishing losses—entices soldiers with large sums of money. Often, the military wages exceed several months' income for an entire Russian family.

So, when approximately 30,000 soldiers were incapacitated from combat in May, the same number of new soldiers quickly made it to the front.

It is unknown what losses the Ukrainians sustained during the same period. The Ukrainian side strictly guards information about the killed and injured. President Volodymyr Zelensky claims that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the first two years of the war, but American officials doubt this is the actual death toll.

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