NewsRussia ramps up military recruitment with increased cash incentives

Russia ramps up military recruitment with increased cash incentives

Russian soldiers are getting paid more and more.
Russian soldiers are getting paid more and more.
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Mateusz Kaluga

21 June 2024 13:53

The Russian authorities have little option. Local media report that some regions are steadily increasing the payouts for going to war. The one-time amount now exceeds 1 million roubles, approximately £9,000 GBP. Western intelligence reports that the Kremlin wants to enlist nearly half a million new military personnel this year.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two years. Western intelligence has frequently reported that the Russians are recruiting hundreds of thousands of soldiers to compensate for their losses.

Novaya Gazeta reports that regional payments for signing a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence have increased 80-fold.

There is clearly a shortage of volunteers to sign contracts in the quantities needed by the military, given the current level of losses in the Russian army and the intensity of combat operations. It remains difficult to assess whether these payments are effective, says military expert Pavel Luzin.

Big money for Russians. Which region pays the most?

According to Russian media, Karachay-Cherkessia is currently the leader in terms of payments. This region already pays 1.3 million roubles for signing the war contract. Considering the federal bonus, the total payment amount in the area has reached 1.5 million roubles (approximately £13,500). A contract soldier from Adygea receives nearly the same amount.

In the Krasnodar territory, the one-time bonus for signing a contract is 1 million roubles, and Krasnodar itself adds 250,000 roubles for those who sign contracts at city commissariats. This is the third-highest rate in the country.

Since the beginning of the war, 51 regions have introduced bonuses and raised them at least once, with the average salary amount increasing 15-fold over two years. Out of 73 regional payment increases throughout the war, 40, or more than half, took place in 2022. Due to the increases in the regions, local budgets recorded deficits totalling more than 303,5 billion rubles (£2.7 billion), reports Novaya Gazeta.

Pressure and decreasing conscription into the military

According to Pavel Luzin, interviewed by Novaya Gazeta, the subsidies allow regional authorities to pursue irresponsible financial policies, and the increase in bonuses indicates a lack of willingness to go to the front.

According to the expert, to increase the number of contract workers, the authorities must resort to fraud, coercion, or increasing the amount of money.

According to the British, the Kremlin expects 400,000 new soldiers this year.

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