SportsRonaldo's anthem posture reveals a patriotic gesture for Euro 2024

Ronaldo's anthem posture reveals a patriotic gesture for Euro 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo during the Portugal anthem before the match
Cristiano Ronaldo during the Portugal anthem before the match
Images source: © Getty Images | Seb Daly
Rafał Strzelec

18 June 2024 15:02

Cristiano Ronaldo always stands sideways to the nearest teammate during Portugal's anthem before international matches. Why does the star, for whom Euro 2024 in Germany will be the culmination of his national team career, behave this way? We know the answer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is inevitably approaching the end of his national team career. Before he hangs up his boots, the star of the Saudi club Al-Nassr will take on one last challenge. With his teammates from the Portugal squad, he will try to win Euro 2024, which would repeat the success from eight years ago. Ronaldo would undoubtedly like to bid farewell to the team by winning this trophy, as the World Cup in Qatar ended in disappointment. Portugal was eliminated by Morocco.

Euro 2024: Why does Ronaldo stand like this during Portugal's anthem?

Many fans worldwide puzzle over Cristiano Ronaldo's behaviour while singing the national anthem. While his teammates are facing the stands, the 39-year-old stands sideways to them. Why does this happen?

According to, Ronaldo, as the long-time captain of the team and its leader, behaves as a patriot in this case. Cristiano faces the flag of Portugal. This behaviour is meant to be a sign of respect for the homeland.

Ronaldo's sixth Euro in his career

Despite his age, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a key figure in the national team. He scored 10 goals in the qualifiers for Euro 2024, which the Portugal national team completed impressively, winning all 10 matches. Before the tournament, Ronaldo scored twice in a game against Ireland. His tally for the national team is already 130 goals.

The German Euro will be the captain's sixth European Championship tournament in his professional career. To begin with, Portugal will face Czechia. The match will start on Tuesday, 18 June, at 8:00 PM GMT. In the following matches, Ronaldo and company will face Turkey and Georgia. Roberto Martinez's protégés are among the favourites to win the tournament.

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