NewsRising discontent in Barnaul as infrastructure fails amid war

Rising discontent in Barnaul as infrastructure fails amid war

Burst water pipe
Burst water pipe
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Kamil Różycki

3 July 2024 14:06

The car was hurled and subsequently sucked underground, says a resident of the Siberian city of Barnaul to local media. He witnessed an unusual situation caused by a water and sewage pipe failure, which resulted in one car being damaged and the entire parking lot inundated with sewage.

Russia has been at war in Ukraine for over two years now, and the effects are mostly felt by the inhabitants of the so-called "backwoods." These residents are joining the Russian army in large numbers to fight on the front.

This situation has led to significant workforce losses, exacerbated by the already poor conditions of the infrastructure in that region. As a result, failures are more frequent due to maintenance errors or a complete lack of upkeep.

The Siberian city of Barnaul, previously known for its support of Putin, has particularly felt the impact. At one point, support was so high that a project was proposed to change its name to Putingrad. However, local dissatisfaction with the government is now likely to grow daily.

Another failure in the same town within a few days

In the last three days of June alone, there were two serious failures in the Barnaul region that could threaten the lives and health of residents. On Friday, 28 June, a grain receiving tower collapsed. Just two days later, due to a water and sewage network failure, the asphalt, along with a car on it, sank underground.

During hydraulic works, there was an accident in the water and sewage network, which caused soil erosion. One Jeep Cherokee was pulled into the resulting hole; fortunately, no one was injured. At the moment, rescuers are pulling out the vehicle - reports the portal.

Besides damaging the jeep, the parking lot where the failure occurred was significantly flooded with sewage, which affected other cars in the area.

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