EntertainmentPixie Curtis: The 12-year-old millionaire who "retired" early

Pixie Curtis: The 12‑year-old millionaire who "retired" early

Pixie Curtis is a teenage millionaire
Pixie Curtis is a teenage millionaire
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7 July 2024 14:31

Pixie Curtis is only 12 years old but has already achieved what many adults dream of. She created two brands (with the help of her parents, of course) and earned millions. As a teenager, she organised a party celebrating her "retirement".

Pixie Curtis is not well-known in the United States, but the 12-year-old enjoys considerable popularity in Australia. Parents of growing girls are likely familiar with her. Pixie is the "founder" and face of a line of children's products. Her name is associated with hair ribbons and toys. These two businesses and her active social media presence made Pixie a millionaire while still a child.

How much does Pixie Curtis earn?

The young Australian made headlines last year when approaching her 12th birthday, and she announced to her mother that she planned to retire at that age. By retirement, she meant putting her businesses aside to focus on school.

Curtis decided to retire once she achieved financial stability and liquidity. According to news.com.au, in 2023, the teenager's monthly earnings were over £105,000.

This is how a retired millionaire lives

Look at Pixie's Instagram profile to realise that the girl leads a life quite different from that of her peers. Even if she has temporarily set aside developing her businesses, she still receives packages from advertisers and earns from her reach (over 180,000 followers follow her account).

As you might guess, the teenage millionaire evokes extreme emotions online. Some are impressed by her entrepreneurship, while others believe she sacrificed her childhood to earn money. There is no shortage of comments suggesting that her mother, who runs Pixie's Instagram profile, is turning her 12-year-old daughter into a little adult. This includes how the girl dresses and spends her time.

Indeed, few people at that age go to the gym, eat at restaurants, and travel the world. Are we witnessing the birth of a new phenomenon in social media?

Pixie Curtis at the salons with her mum and brother
Pixie Curtis at the salons with her mum and brother© Getty Images | d
Pixie Curtis on Instagram
Pixie Curtis on Instagram© Instagram
Pixie Curtis on Instagram
Pixie Curtis on Instagram© Instagram
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