NewsMysterious rings over Berlin spark intrigue and speculation

Mysterious rings over Berlin spark intrigue and speculation

Mysterious circles over Berlin
Mysterious circles over Berlin
Images source: © Instagram
Rafał Strzelec

4 July 2024 13:19

Residents of Berlin gazed at the sky with concern on Wednesday. Three mysterious rings had appeared, and a recording capturing this unusual sight quickly spread across the internet. Conspiracy theories soon followed, but "Bild" pointed out the source of these rings.

Mysterious phenomena in the sky have always sparked interest. Often, they also cause concern, especially given the tense international situation, with a war ongoing beyond our eastern border. This time, however, it was not the sky over Poland but over Germany, specifically Berlin. On Wednesday (3 July), mysterious dark rings appeared.

Germany: dark rings over Berlin - there's a recording

A recording showing three mysterious rings over Berlin circulated online. According to the video, they moved slowly, slightly upwards and to the side. The video quickly spread across the web, drawing considerable interest. Dozens of comments appeared beneath it, with many suggestions regarding the rings' origin. Naturally, some concluded that they were the result of extraterrestrial activity.

According to the German tabloid Bild, the rings appeared over the districts of Wilhelmsruh and Rosenthal. Of course, the smoke rings floating above the buildings were not the result of UFO activity but human work.

As journalists from "Bild" explain, such a phenomenon is unsurprising. One Instagram user rightly noted that they could result from explosions occurring in industrial processes. After the explosion, rings of smoke or soot rise upwards. This mainly pertains to industries related to producing fireworks and pyrotechnic materials.

Such rings can also be created by large machine exhausts. They consist of soot particles that form the ring's structure due to pressure and movement, explains one commenter.

Similar rings appear in many countries - from Russia through the USA to Argentina. They cause concern among residents each time, although they are ultimately not dangerous to the surroundings.

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