NewsMontenegro: Russian man detained after yacht arson attempt

Montenegro: Russian man detained after yacht arson attempt

A Russian tried to burn a woman
A Russian tried to burn a woman
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Rafał Strzelec

9 July 2024 08:49

The police in Montenegro detained a 36-year-old Russian man. According to local media, the man attempted to set a woman on fire on a yacht. The victim informed the police after the man beat her and doused the boat's cabin with petrol.

Horrifying scenes in Tivat, Montenegro, located in the famous Bay of Kotor—this small Balkan country's most well-known tourist attraction.

According to local media, the 36-year-old Russian citizen attempted to murder the woman. The method he employed is terrifying. The man first threatened the woman, then hit her in the head several times, and finally doused the yacht's cabin with petrol, in which he locked the defenceless Russian woman. The man likely intended to set the boat on fire to kill the victim.

Montenegro: Police detained the Russian man

The victim, however, managed to contact the police. She reported that the 36-year-old wanted to kill her. The Russian man, identified by the initials V.D., was detained by law enforcement officers. Emergency and medical services also took part in the operation. The officers interviewed several witnesses of the incident.

V.D. was found to have alcohol in his system. A case was opened against him on suspicion of committing domestic violence or violence within a family community, according to the police statement.

There are many Russians in Montenegro. This tiny state is exceptionally lenient in terms of entry laws for its citizens. Many Russians came here following the mobilisation in September of last year.

Russians can live in this beautiful, tiny country for many years if they do not exceed 30 days of any single stay. However, as long as they leave Montenegro, even for a moment, they can resume their stay without any problem.

Some have seen this as an opportunity and started businesses—offering trips just outside Montenegro's border, such as Bosnia. These trips can be brief or combined with sightseeing or wine tasting. Then, Russians return to Montenegro and can stay without any issues.

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