NewsMissile strike threat causes chaos in Crimea: Smoke and sirens blaze

Missile strike threat causes chaos in Crimea: Smoke and sirens blaze

A series of alarms in Crimea. "Immediately to the shelter"
A series of alarms in Crimea. "Immediately to the shelter"
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Mateusz Czmiel

4 July 2024 17:26

Air raid sirens are wailing in Crimea. Authorities have declared a missile attack threat. Traffic on the Crimean Bridge has been halted. This is the second alarm within a few minutes. Media report a series of explosions, and smoke rises above Cape Fiolent.

Sirens in Crimea wailed three times within 15 minutes. The first warning was issued around 13:17 GMT - at that time, the press service of the Crimean Bridge reported that the crossing was closed. Next, sirens sounded in Sevastopol and Simferopol.

There were reports of explosions allegedly caused by Black Sea Fleet exercises being conducted during the alarm. At 13:22 GMT the threat was cancelled, only to issue another missile attack warning two minutes later.

The next warning was issued at 13:31 GMT. "Immediately go to the shelter. Air defence is active," reported Crimean media, including the channel CzP_Krym.

The Krymski Wiatr (Crimean Wind) channel reported that smoke was visible above Cape Fiolent.

Explosions were also heard near the Saki airport. The channel wrote, "In some military units of Sevastopol, an alarm has been initiated."

The channel CzP_Sevastopol reported that one of the targets "disappeared without being shot down."

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