NewsMid-flight brawl forces Ryanair emergency landing in Marrakech

Mid‑flight brawl forces Ryanair emergency landing in Marrakech

The plane made an emergency landing
The plane made an emergency landing
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Mateusz Dolak

9 July 2024 19:19

A quarrel between families onboard the plane caused the pilot to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off. The argument triggered a panic attack among some passengers. The police detained nine individuals.

Foreign media reported the incident. The aircraft, belonging to Ryanair, was flying from Morocco to London. As seen in the footage published by The New York Post, passengers from the other end of the plane began shouting at each other. The cabin crew attempted to calm the tense situation, but emotions were too high.

According to "The Sun," everything started while still on the ground—from an argument over a seat. A man in his twenties asked a woman with her daughter if they could switch seats so he could sit next to his wife and children after boarding.

According to "The Sun," the woman refused, which led the man to threaten her even before the flight began.

Panic attack during the flight

When the plane reached cruising altitude and the seat belt sign was turned off, the husband of the passenger who refused to switch seats started arguing with the man in his twenties again.

A passenger who was on board reported that they wanted to fight. One of the families was part of a larger group, so other passengers joined. Then, a woman in the row behind had a panic attack because of everything that was happening. She was screaming, and the children were crying. It was like a snowball effect, he said.

According to other witnesses, one of the passengers had to receive oxygen due to panic.

After 22 minutes from take-off, the crew decided to make an emergency landing. The Ryanair plane landed in Marrakech, Morocco. The police boarded and detained nine aggressive passengers.

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