NewsMarine Le Pen slams Russia for election interference accusations

Marine Le Pen slams Russia for election interference accusations

Le Pen furious with the Russians. They used her photo.
Le Pen furious with the Russians. They used her photo.
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Mateusz Czmiel

4 July 2024 14:06

The leader of the far-right National Rally, Marine Le Pen, has accused Russia of provocation and interference in French affairs. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously posted her photo on social media.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs post reads that "the French people strive for a sovereign foreign policy that aligns with their national interests and wants to rid themselves of the dictates of Washington and Brussels."

"Ostentatious and provocative tweet"

The presenter of the TV station TF1 asked Le Pen if her party received support from Russia in light of the parliamentary elections in France, pointing to the publication by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In response, Le Pen stated that she was not responsible for the statements of the Russian authorities but expressed outrage at the appearance of this post with her photo.

- She said that when such an ostentatious and provocative tweet appears, it can be considered a form of interference in France's affairs. According to Le Pen, they would not have published such a post if the Russian authorities were interested in her party's victory.

The politician added that during the election campaign, she and representatives of the National Rally "quite clearly expressed their support for Ukraine and outlined its borders", particularly opposing the sending of French troops to that country.

The National Rally faction founded by Le Pen won the first round of the parliamentary elections in France, securing 33% of the votes. The left-wing alliance "New People's Front" took second place, and President Emmanuel Macron's "Together for the Republic" coalition garnered 20%. The second round will take place on 7th July.

Removed points regarding cooperation with Russia

Shortly before the start of the election race, the National Rally removed from its website points of the programme dedicated to French defence policy, which advocated for deepening diplomatic relations with Russia, halting joint projects with Germany, and withdrawing from NATO's joint military command.

The leader of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, emphasised that he does not intend to stop supporting Ukraine and questioning France's commitments on the international stage, as it would undermine the trust of the country's European partners and NATO allies.

- I want Ukraine to have ammunition and military equipment so it can survive in the fight against Russian aggression - he said.

Le Pen funded by Russians?

Before the war, Le Pen enjoyed significant popularity in Moscow, visiting multiple times to meet with Russian leaders, and was welcomed in the capital by a convoy of police cars - recalls "The Moscow Times." Le Pen supported Russian laws banning "LGBT propaganda" to minors and "foreign agents" and advocated for a strategic partnership with Russia.

In 2014, a scandal broke out regarding the financing of her party. The National Front (as the party was then called) received a loan of 9 million euros (approximately £8 million) from the First Czech-Russian Bank, controlled by billionaire Gennady Timchenko, a friend of Putin.

Meanwhile, in March 2017, it was discovered that despite Le Pen's public denials, Russian banks continued to finance the National Front, including her presidential campaign in 2017, in exchange for support for the Russian stance on the Ukrainian issue.

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