NewsMacron urged to hand over power as left-wing coalition wins big

Macron urged to hand over power as left-wing coalition wins big

Signal for Macron. "He is obliged to entrust us with the mission of forming a government"
Signal for Macron. "He is obliged to entrust us with the mission of forming a government"
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Karolina Kołodziejczyk

7 July 2024 20:37

Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the radically leftist party Unsubmissive France (LFI), commented on the results of the second round of parliamentary elections in France that President Emmanuel Macron has a duty to entrust the New Popular Front (NFP) with forming a government.

Melenchon, whose group is part of the coalition of left-wing parties known as the New Popular Front (NFP), also called on Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to step down, rejecting the possibility of an agreement with the presidential camp.

Bardella: France thrown into the arms of the extreme left

The leader of the far-right National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella, declared on Sunday evening that "shameful alliances" have thrown France "into the arms of the extreme left of Jean-Luc Melenchon." Bardella thanked the voters and emphasised that the election result "deprives the French of an economic recovery policy."

Bardella stated that his party will not make "any political compromises", AFP reported.

Second round of elections in France. Exit poll results are in

According to exit polls by Elabe for, the leftist New Popular Front won the elections, securing 175 to 205 deputies. The big winner of the first round, the National Rally, ultimately came in third, gaining 115 to 150 seats. Centrist parties gathered around Macron took second place and can expect 150 to 175 seats.

Exit polls showed similar results for other TV stations. According to IFOP estimates for TF1, the New Popular Front may secure 180-215 seats in the parliament, while Ipsos polls for France TV predict 172-215 seats for the leftist bloc. An Opinionway poll for C News TV indicated that the New Popular Front would gain 180-210 seats.

According to all these polls, President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist bloc narrowly outpaced Marine Le Pen's National Rally in the fight for second place.

No party achieved an absolute majority, which would allow it to form a government independently, that is, 289 seats.

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