NewsLukashenko reveals secret longing for simpler life on dairy farms

Lukashenko reveals secret longing for simpler life on dairy farms

Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted what he dreams about at night
Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted what he dreams about at night
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Justyna Lasota-Krawczyk

22 June 2024 19:32

On Friday, Alexander Lukashenko visited a modern dairy farm. The official trip became an occasion for the dictator's intimate confessions. As he admitted, he dreams of milking cows at night.

- There's no better job, remember - he said to one of the people showing him around the dairy enterprise, Alexander Lukashenko. - There isn't! - the host enthusiastically agreed.

- I did all of this. I still dream about it at night! The people I worked with... I dream of cows, how I milk them at night - the Belarusian dictator said dreamily.

- None of that presidency stuff. It's all nonsense! - Lukashenko added boastfully. - This is the most exciting job. Living people, living cattle, planting living plants and the results - enumerated the advantages of working on the farm, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus.

The meeting participant enthusiastically agreed that you have to live it, not just go to work.

The dictator's official trip

During the trip, Lukashenko focused on the state of agriculture and social issues.

The dictator reviewed the progress in fulfilling the order to build modern dairy complexes in the Minsk region and visited the Lachowicze dairy farm, which has become one of the leading producers of dairy products for Minsk.

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