NewsLatvia bolsters Ukraine's defence with 2,500 combat drones

Latvia bolsters Ukraine's defence with 2,500 combat drones

Ukraine will receive several thousand drones from the Latvians.
Ukraine will receive several thousand drones from the Latvians.
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Kamil Różycki

5 July 2024 20:03

Latvia will send Ukraine up to 2,500 combat drones worth a total of £3,500,000. According to the press office of the Latvian Minister of National Defence, they are likely to begin their service in the coming weeks. This is another instance of support for Ukraine from the so-called drone coalition.

For more than two years, most European and Western countries have been engaged in helping Ukraine in its fight. Particularly involved are countries from the drone coalition, which includes: Latvia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Sweden, and Estonia.

Since the beginning of the war, the goal has been to support the soldiers fighting on the front as much as possible. A significant part of this support involves the purchase of unmanned machines, where Latvia and the United Kingdom lead the way.

This year alone, Latvia has allocated as much as £8,700,000 for this purpose.

The drone coalition is gaining momentum. The next batch heading to Ukraine includes over 2,500 drones produced by seven Latvian companies. Together with the participants of the drone coalition, we are constantly working on delivering combat drones of various capacities to Ukraine in line with the current needs and testing requirements of the Ukrainian army, assured the Latvian minister, as quoted by Bielsat.

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Latvia will once again purchase drones for Ukraine

The coalition aims to deliver as many as a million drones to the fighting country. It is already known that £435,000,000 has been collected for this purpose. Latvia alone has pledged to contribute at least £8,700,000 annually. At the beginning of the month, the Dutch government announced that it would start sending drones to Ukraine.

I cannot provide an exact number, but we are already transferring drones to Ukraine. Of course, I believe this drone coalition is very important because we are now combining our efforts, which means we will be able to increase the number of drones and also send them according to Ukraine's needs, said Dutch Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren, as quoted by Bielsat.
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