NewsKrasnodar street brutality: Woman assaulted, forced into car

Krasnodar street brutality: Woman assaulted, forced into car

Brutal beating of a woman in Russia
Brutal beating of a woman in Russia
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Marcin Lewicki

26 June 2024 09:58

There were scenes reminiscent of brutal action games in Krasnodar, Russia. A group of men beat a defenceless woman on the street and then pushed her into a car. Recordings and photos of the incident have appeared online. The victim of the attack did not want to report the matter, claiming that her husband had beaten her.

Many of the reports shared by Russian media and authorities are likely not true. Such reports may be part of an information war by the Russian Federation.

A recording of an extremely brutal incident on one of the Russian streets has appeared online. It allegedly happened last week in Krasnodar. A group of men beat a woman and then threw her into a car.

The victim of the incident struggled with the attackers and, at one point, managed to escape from the vehicle. However, she did not enjoy freedom for long. The attackers quickly caught her, beat her a second time, and forced her back into the car. Eventually, the victim sat in the back seat with a battered face.

What is shocking is not only the incident itself but also the surrounding circumstances. The entire event was recorded by a woman who witnessed the brutal attack. This woman raised the alarm. The victim, however, refused help. She stated that "her husband and his friends beat her". It is unknown whether she was telling the truth or feared her attackers.

According to the account of the woman who witnessed the event, "the victim said that out of fear of her attackers". Ultimately, it is not known how the situation ended. The Russian law enforcement authorities were reportedly informed about the matter. However, the Krasnodar police did not respond to the report.

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