SportsDrake's £235,000 bet on Canada flops as Argentina triumphs

Drake's £235,000 bet on Canada flops as Argentina triumphs

In the photo: Drake
In the photo: Drake
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10 July 2024 21:41

Known rapper Drake decided to bet money that the Canadian team would eliminate Argentina in the Copa America. Ultimately, he lost £235,000, as the Albicelestes won 2-0. In addition, the official profile of the local team posted a telling entry regarding the 37-year-old's bet.

Two major national team tournaments are currently being played. In addition to Euro 2024, the United States is hosting the Copa America competition for the second time in history.

On Thursday (11 July), we will learn the second finalist of these games. The first to qualify was the Argentine team, which, as expected, dismissed Canada (2-0). Julian Alvarez and Lionel Messi scored the goals. The Albicelestes will face either Uruguay or Colombia.

The Canadian team could count on the support of well-known rapper Drake. The 37-year-old from that country decided to bet money on his compatriots' victory.

The musician invested as much as £235,000, which could have earned him £2.3 million. However, he needed to cause a sensation, as Argentina was the clear favourite in this match.

Ultimately, the rapper lost the money he decided to bet on Canada, as they lost and were eliminated from the Copa America. Meanwhile, the Argentinians decided to react to the aforementioned bet.

The team's official account mocked Drake. In a social media post, they used a verse from Kendrick Lamar's song "Not Like Us." This is a diss-track aimed at the Canadian, as both rappers are feuding.

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