Jennifer Lopez shocks fans with economy class flight amid marital rumours

The star has millions in the bank. And flies in economy class.
The star has millions in the bank. And flies in economy class.
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Malwina Witkowska

26 June 2024 07:54

Jennifer Lopez stunned travellers when she was spotted boarding an economy-class flight over the weekend. The 54-year-old star chose a trip from Italy to France under more modest conditions than usual. Her bodyguards were seated next to her, ensuring her safety and privacy.

Jennifer Lopez, the 54-year-old singer and actress, whose fortune is estimated at £320 million, opted for an economy trip from Naples to Paris. Earlier, the American celebrity enjoyed a solo trip to Italy. She was seen aboard a yacht off the coast of Positano.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Lopez flew to Fashion Week from Italy. Her trip occurred during intense rumours of a crisis in her marriage to Ben Affleck. Additionally, Lopez recently cancelled her concert tour "This Is Me...Live"

Jennifer Lopez flew economy class

Jennifer Lopez behaved exceptionally modestly during her short flight from Naples to Paris. Onboard the plane, she wore oversized sunglasses and an elegant, cream-coloured sweater, giving her a casual yet stylish look.

Lopez was surrounded by her bodyguards during the flight, who ensured her safety. According to the newspaper "The Sun", one sat by the aisle to provide her with some privacy.

The diva looked much more radiant in the French capital. At the Dior fashion show, she wore an elegant beige dress and black leather gloves.

Will Jennifer Lopez divorce Ben Affleck?

As "The Sun" reports, Jennifer Lopez has had several tough months lately, primarily due to alleged issues with her husband, Ben Affleck. Although the couple has not publicly announced a split, Jennifer was forced to face reporters who persistently asked her about divorce rumours during the promotional tour for her new science fiction film "Atlas".

The singer also cancelled her "This Is Me...Live" concert tour. Rumours about the breakup with Ben only fuelled media and fan interest, putting her in a challenging professional and personal situation.

In response to the cancellation of her concert tour, Jennifer Lopez wrote to her fans: "I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down." The Los Angeles-based singer declared she is "taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends."

As reported by "The Sun," there have also been reports of low ticket sales, which might have contributed to the decision to cancel the tour. Compared to her previous mega-hits, new songs are not enjoying significant interest.

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