LifestyleJennifer Lopez revives divisive early 2000s 'ugly jeans' trend

Jennifer Lopez revives divisive early 2000s 'ugly jeans' trend

Jennifer Lopez launches a controversial trend
Jennifer Lopez launches a controversial trend
Images source: © Instagram | j.lo

4 July 2024 12:48

Jennifer Lopez brings back a fashion trend that triumphed at the beginning of the 2000s. Even then, it sparked controversy, dividing audiences into supporters and opponents. Do "ugly jeans" have a chance of success this season?

J.Lo is promoting a trend that shone at the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century. Even then, because of its distinctive look, it divided people into supporters and opponents of "ugly jeans".

Jennifer Lopez works with a team of stylists who meticulously plan her outfits. Therefore, you can take a lot of inspiration from her wardrobe, especially in the hottest trends. The artist knows what's happening in the fashion world.

J.Lo's favourite trousers?

Currently, ripped knees in jeans are joint, as are frayed hems or jeans made from two different materials. "Dirty" jeans with brown stains, looking as if they were worn out over time, were something she wore earlier. At that time, she paired them with a matching jacket.

Jennifer Lopez in worn-out trousers
Jennifer Lopez in worn-out trousers© Instagram | jlo

Jennifer Lopez in "ugly jeans"

Street life significantly impacted fashion, which in the second half of the 20th century became more expressive, rebellious, and defiant than elegant. Jennifer Lopez is refreshing this street style trend in just that way.

Jennifer Lopez is a fan of "messy" jeans
Jennifer Lopez is a fan of "messy" jeans© Getty Images

Styled as old jeans, covered in dust and showing signs of wear, they compete with classic "blue jeans". Jennifer Lopez chose a pair of "baggy" low-rise jeans that looked worn out. She paired them with trainers and a cropped top that showed off her toned abs.

She threw a pink cardigan over her shoulders. The finishing touch to her outfit was a pair of black sunglasses - a must-have accessory for any summer look.

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