SportsJack Grealish dons blonde wig on holiday following Euro 2024 snub

Jack Grealish dons blonde wig on holiday following Euro 2024 snub

Jack Grealish on holiday in France
Jack Grealish on holiday in France
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30 June 2024 16:34

Jack Grealish did not receive a call-up from coach Gareth Southgate for Euro 2024. The player had no choice but to enjoy the charm of a holiday. During his time off, he showed off a long, bright wig.

Jack Grealish represented Ireland in junior football but received call-ups from England in youth and senior football. Not going to Euro 2024 disappointed the Manchester City player, who has played more than 30 matches for the national team since 2020. Coach Gareth Southgate decided to rely on other players.

Jack Grealish had no choice but to enjoy the charm of a holiday. The Englishman had already gone on two foreign trips: to Dubai and Saint-Tropez, France. During the holidays, he presented himself in an unfamiliar guise.

The Englishman put on a blonde wig under a baseball cap. Jack Grealish also liked to experiment with hairstyles in the past, but he had not shown up with long, bright hair before.

Perhaps Jack Grealish did not want to be noticed by any fans that day. However, considering he went to Saint-Tropez with recognisable friends, it was still difficult. He likely wanted to draw attention to himself, which is his style.

Jack Grealish gained popularity as a Manchester City and England national team player and as an extravagant media personality. After his successes, he did not shy away from partying, and his relationship with Sasha Attwood is one of the most talked-about in English tabloids.

The 28-year-old did not take his partner to France, leaving her to care for their dog in England. She might have been surprised by Jack Grealish's appearance when she saw his latest photos in the British media. However, it can be safely assumed that the Englishman will surprise with his ideas more than once.

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