NewsHellish summer ahead: Germany braces for record heatwaves

Hellish summer ahead: Germany braces for record heatwaves

German experts predict a record-breaking hot summer.
German experts predict a record-breaking hot summer.
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Robert Kędzierski

3 July 2024 13:36

Despite a relatively calm June, meteorologists are forecasting the arrival of extreme heatwaves in Germany this year. Experts are warning about the possibility of breaking existing temperature records and are referring to the upcoming season as a "hellish summer."

Meteorologists predict this year's summer in Germany could be sweltering—despite the recent cool and rainy June. Experts point out that 2023 was already the warmest year in recorded history, and the current year could bring even higher temperatures. Experts quoted by German media are already using the term "hellish summer" to refer to the upcoming season.

Surprising cause of rising temperatures

One of the main factors contributing to the forecasted temperature increase is, paradoxically, reduced air pollution. Cleaner air allows more substantial penetration of solar rays to the Earth's surface, leading to more intense warming of the atmosphere. Experts warn that many forecasting models do not account for this phenomenon, which could result in underestimating the actual temperature increase.

Scientists analyzed meteorological data from 1980 to 2022, showing that many weather models underestimated the warming in European countries by nearly 1°C. Researchers emphasise that omitting air circulation in the models leads to inaccurate forecasts. As a result, experts predict that Europe, including Germany, is warming faster than previously assumed.

Record heatwaves possible across Europe

Specialists are calling for the inclusion of changes in air pollution emissions in forecasting models. They note that the intensity of solar radiation in Europe is remarkably increasing in regions where air quality is improving. This phenomenon could contribute to record-breaking heatwaves this year, surpassing all previous measurements.

Experts emphasise that understanding and accounting for new factors affecting the climate is crucial for effective forecasting and preparing for upcoming weather changes.

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