NewsFree stay in Sardinia if can walk the historic Santa Barbara trail

Free stay in Sardinia if can walk the historic Santa Barbara trail

An Italian island will host tourists for free. Here are the conditions.
An Italian island will host tourists for free. Here are the conditions.
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Adam Sieńko

22 June 2024 11:49

A foundation operating in Sardinia has come up with an unconventional idea to promote the island: tourists can enjoy three nights of paid accommodation. The catch? You must fall within the age range set by the organisers and walk the historic Santa Barbara trail.

The initiative is the work of the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara (CMSB) foundation, which aims to promote the Santa Barbara hiking trail in Sardinia. - If you fancy a trip without spending money, this offer is for you - says the organisation.

Free accommodation - conditions

The foundation, however, has set two primary conditions. First and foremost, tourists wishing to take advantage of the offer must be under 35 years old. Secondly, you must hike the Santa Barbara trail, approximately 480 kilometres.

However, the organisers assure they do not expect the entire trail to be completed. The route is divided into 30 sections, each with dozens of kilometres. The foundation covers the cost of accommodation in 24 facilities, including guesthouses and shelters, situated along this hike.

The programme starts on 15 September and will last until December. The organisers emphasise that this timing is not coincidental. The aim is to attract visitors during the off-peak tourism season.

Italians want young people on the trail

Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara's second goal for the initiative is to "revitalise" the tourist profile. Speaking with the BBC, Margherita Concu, the foundation's secretary, said she would like to lower the average age of visitors "from retirees to people aged 20-30."

To participate in the programme, you must register, buy a "hiker’s passport" for £4, and donate to the foundation.

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