SportsDutch in orange: The regal roots of Netherlands' iconic kit

Dutch in orange: The regal roots of Netherlands' iconic kit

Why do the Dutch play in orange? The answer may surprise you
Why do the Dutch play in orange? The answer may surprise you
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Mateusz Kaluga

21 June 2024 12:24

The Dutch national team is one of the main favourites in Germany to win the European Championship. However, football fans often ponder something else. Why do the representatives of this country wear orange shirts despite the absence of this colour in their flag? The answer is not apparent.

The Netherlands find themselves in Group D of the European Championship. They won their first match against Poland 2-1. Although Michał Probierz's charges took the lead quickly and showed a perfect side, they did not achieve a satisfactory result. Next for the “Oranje” is a match against France and Austria.

Ronald Koeman's squad is mentioned among the favourites to win the tournament. However, football fans often wonder about something entirely different.

It is widely known that the Netherlands flag features the colours red, white, and blue. However, this country has always been associated with the colour orange. It is precisely in such kits that the Dutch players appear on German pitches. Why?

Why does the Netherlands have orange kits?

Portal "Sport Bible" reports that the Dutch representatives' kit and crest are in orange because that is the colour of the House of Orange-Nassau, the country's current ruling royal family.

The King of the Netherlands is Willem-Alexander, while the title of queen and simultaneously Princess of Orange is held by his wife – Máxima. The Princess of the Netherlands is Beatrix, Willem's mother, who surrendered eleven years ago.

It is worth mentioning that the dynasty, which has been ruling for nearly 500 years, was founded by William I of Orange (Prince of Orange 1544-1584). He contributed to the uprising against Spain and the independence of the Netherlands.

The term "Prince of Orange" is considered a compliment in the country. Dutch teams also wear the same colours in hockey and rugby, among other sports.

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