NewsDuck family saved by volunteers amid conflict near Vovchansk

Duck family saved by volunteers amid conflict near Vovchansk

Duck family rescued from the front line in Ukraine
Duck family rescued from the front line in Ukraine
Images source: © Facebook | Animal Rescue Kharkiv
Kamil Różycki

29 June 2024 09:54

The war in Ukraine is not just a tragedy for millions of people but also for animals, which are often left behind during escapes and condemned to starvation. A similar fate likely awaited a duck family near Vovchansk, but volunteers arrived in time to save the little ones from certain death.

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two and a half years. During this time, hundreds of volunteers have been actively working on the front line, helping soldiers and animals left behind during escapes or lost after shelling.

As a result, dramatic rescue operations frequently appear online. Volunteers risk their lives to reach many dogs and cats, sometimes finding new homes.

However, the armed conflict does not only affect animals we commonly associate with home. It is also a tragedy for thousands of cattle, chickens, and ducks. A few days ago, volunteers from Animal Rescue Kharkiv showed a recent case of rescuing the latter.

Duck family rescued from the front line

Volunteers operating in the Vovchansk area rescued a large duck family a few days ago. The front line has been stalled there for several weeks, resulting in intensified military activities.

For this reason, the towns most exposed to shelling have been evacuated. Consequently, many people were forced to leave behind their life’s work, which in some cases included livestock, to which the mentioned duck family likely belonged.

Fortunately, this family was found by a group of volunteers who saved a Muscovy duck and her ducklings in time. The mother and young were transported to Kharkiv, where they reached a safe farm. There, the owner promises that each of their eggs will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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