LifestyleCroatian motorways to implement electronic toll system for smoother travel

Croatian motorways to implement electronic toll system for smoother travel

Changes on Croatian motorways soon
Changes on Croatian motorways soon
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Iwona Kołczańska

26 June 2024 08:36

Great news for tourists travelling to Croatia by car. Soon, there will be a significant change on the motorways - toll booths that often cause traffic jams will disappear, and a new electronic system will allow for the free flow of vehicles. This will make routes to the Adriatic much more pleasant.

The management of Croatian Motorways, known as Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC), has announced that significant changes await drivers travelling in Croatia soon.

Changes on roads in Croatia

Toll booths, which are not popular with drivers because they cause traffic jams, will disappear from the motorways. Croatia still operates the old system, which extends travel time, especially during the season.

The new electronic system will finally change this, based on the free flow of vehicles without stops due to toll collection. The traffic capacity will increase, and emissions produced by traffic jams will also be reduced.

HAC has announced that the contract signing process is underway. The expected completion date for the investment is two years. The system will be used throughout Croatia without exceptions.

Croatia - tourists arriving by car

It was highlighted that over 85 percent of all tourists arrive in Croatia by land, which is a significant change.

Croatia tempts with its beautiful coastline and charming towns.
Croatia tempts with its beautiful coastline and charming towns.© Adobe Stock

Additionally, since January 1, 2023, travelling to Croatia has been even more enjoyable—thanks to the entry into the Schengen area, all land and sea border controls with Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy have been abolished.

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