SportsCopa América: Family mourns loved one with coffin during Chile match

Copa América: Family mourns loved one with coffin during Chile match

Copa America 2024. Chilean fans watched the match with a coffin at home
Copa America 2024. Chilean fans watched the match with a coffin at home
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24 June 2024 17:39

During this year's Copa América edition, a surprising incident occurred. While watching the match of the Chilean national team, fans in one household had a coffin with the body of a deceased family member beside them. This extraordinary event caught the attention of the entire world.

A few days ago, this year's Copa América tournament commenced, in which the Chilean national team is participating, among others. In the first match of the tournament, the players, under the leadership of Ricardo Gareca, faced the team from Peru. The match ended in a goalless draw.

A highly unusual situation occurred in one of the Chilean homes. The family, who gathered in front of a projector to watch the Chile vs. Peru match, had a coffin with the body of a close deceased next to them. A recording by one of the household members went to the internet.

A family in Chile was watching the match against Peru with the body within the Copa América 2024 – reported the Diario Ole profile on Twitter.

A large part of the room where the family was watching the game is occupied by an open coffin, flowers, candles, and a flower-adorned portrait of the deceased holding a cup.

Uncle Feña. Thank you for all the moments you gave us. We will always remember you, your condor family – was written next to the photo of the deceased.

The Chilean national team will face Argentina in the next Copa América match, which will take place on Wednesday at Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford. Fans eagerly await this exciting clash, hoping for a better result for their team.

The situation during the Chile vs. Peru match highlights the unique culture and traditions related to mourning in different parts of the world. Although it may be shocking to many, for the family of the deceased, it was a natural and meaningful farewell.

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