NewsBiden's gaffe-filled Independence Day speech reignites fitness concerns

Biden's gaffe-filled Independence Day speech reignites fitness concerns

A lot of buzz about Biden. He came on stage and suddenly blurted out.
A lot of buzz about Biden. He came on stage and suddenly blurted out.
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5 July 2024 11:52

Joe Biden's speech on Independence Day sparked controversy. His words and behaviour once again surprised Americans. The US president, seeking re-election, deviated from the script and referred to Donald Trump during his speech.

President Joe Biden once again surprised Americans by attempting to attack Donald Trump during his Independence Day speech. He started enthusiastically, greeting the military with the words "Happy Independence Day", but quickly changed the subject.

Unexpectedly recalling his visit to a military cemetery in France, Biden referred to his predecessor. "By the way, you know, I was in that World War One cemetery in France. The one that one of our colleagues, a former president, didn’t want to go…" he said.

Jill Biden also shared her reflections, emphasising the importance of military service and the sacrifice made by military families. "Service is often about those hard choices—the ones servicemembers make, and the ones their families do too," she said.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Philadelphia radio station WURD, Biden seemingly confused himself with Vice President Kamala Harris. The President of the USA referred to himself as "proud to be the first black woman to serve with a black president." This behaviour only deepened the doubts about his fitness.

By the way, I am proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first Black woman... serving with a Black president - Biden later said, attempting to acknowledge the mistake.

Concern about Biden. The emergence of "sleepy Joe"

This week, Biden blamed his poor performances on travel. When standing against Donald Trump in the presidential race, he seemed to be in complete lethargy, which was quickly picked up and named the "sleepy Joe" syndrome.

Biden had difficulty answering questions, spoke hoarsely, and repeatedly froze, staring blankly into space. During a conversation with donors on Tuesday, he admitted that he almost fell asleep on stage.

I decided to travel around the world a couple times, I don’t know how many time zones. I didn’t listen to my staff, and I came back and I fell asleep on the stage - he said openly.
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