NewsBiden faces growing pressure amid calls to exit presidential race

Biden faces growing pressure amid calls to exit presidential race

Joe Biden did not stop by the journalists
Joe Biden did not stop by the journalists
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Mateusz Domański

4 July 2024 08:22

President of the USA, Joe Biden, participated in the Medal of Honor award ceremony at the White House on Wednesday, 3 July. Reporters had numerous questions about whether he would withdraw from the presidential race. However, Biden did not respond—after the ceremony, he walked straight ahead without pausing even briefly for the press representatives.

The 81-year-old Biden is facing increasing pressure to withdraw from the presidential race. This resulted from poor performance during the first debate with Donald Trump at the end of June. Biden had difficulty speaking and finishing sentences, which fuelled voices saying that at 81, he might no longer be fit to hold office.

On Wednesday, "The New York Times" reported that Biden himself admitted in a conversation with one of his close associates that he realises "he may not be able to salvage his candidacy". According to the newspaper, everything will depend on how the president performs in a series of interviews, meetings with voters, and press conferences planned for July. The White House later denied the "NYT" reports.

Also, on Wednesday, Biden was awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House. It was posthumously awarded to two soldiers who participated in the Civil War. Many journalists watched the ceremony closely, scrutinising Biden's every move. They had a barrage of questions for the president. However, he did not answer any of them.

After delivering a ten-minute speech, the president quickly headed for the exit. He did not pause even briefly for the press representatives.

Later that same day, Biden assured his campaign staff that despite growing calls for his resignation, he was still running for president.

I'm the Democratic Party’s nominee. No one is pushing me out. I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end, and WE are going to win this election, said Joe Biden.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also spoke up. In a conversation with reporters, she clearly emphasised that Biden does not intend to resign.

She further explained that the President of the USA is still unwell but has not yet seen a doctor. She attributed his poor performance in the debate to "jet lag" caused by two foreign trips Biden made 12 days before the discussion.

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