NewsBelarus shoots down Ukrainian drone, finds explosives near border

Belarus shoots down Ukrainian drone, finds explosives near border

Ukrainian soldiers navigate a reconnaissance drone/ Illustrative photo
Ukrainian soldiers navigate a reconnaissance drone/ Illustrative photo
Images source: © Getty Images | Global Images Ukraine
Justyna Lasota-Krawczyk

28 June 2024 15:21

According to information provided by the independent portal, which cites the State Border Committee of Belarus, the Belarusian border guard allegedly shot down a reconnaissance drone at the border with Ukraine. They also reportedly discovered a shelter nearby. The Committee announced plans to "further strengthen" the border with Ukraine.

Many of the reports provided by Russian media or government representatives are elements of propaganda. Such reports are part of the informational war conducted by the Russian Federation.

The Belarusian Border Guard, also known as the State Border Committee (GPK), reported on Friday that it has information on the alleged presence of the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) on the Ukrainian border. According to this information, the RDK is "in the zone of responsibility of the Zhytomyr Border Unit."

The GPK communiqué stated that "active reconnaissance activities" have been recorded on this border section. "Along the border, Ukrainian reconnaissance drone flights are regularly observed," the communiqué reads. It added that attempts to intrude such devices into Belarusian airspace are thwarted using weapons and electronic warfare.

Shot-down reconnaissance drone

On 26 June, in the Gomel region, a border guard unit allegedly shot down a reconnaissance drone. "The unmanned aerial vehicle was brought down at a distance of 160 yards from the state border. Video files were found on the memory card, confirming that the drone was observing industrial sites in the border area and border infrastructure," the communiqué stated.

At the exact location, the border guard was reported to have found a "shelter with elements for making explosive materials."

The GPK communiqué stated that the border guard is taking several measures to " further strengthen the border, increase airspace control, and adhere to regulations in the border area" in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence.

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