NewsAmerican military bases in Europe on high alert amid sabotage fears

American military bases in Europe on high alert amid sabotage fears

Alarm at U.S. bases in Europe. Possible sabotage actions by Russia
Alarm at U.S. bases in Europe. Possible sabotage actions by Russia
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Sara Bounaoui

10 July 2024 08:46

The increase in readiness at American military bases in Europe is due to intelligence information suggesting the possibility of sabotage attempts by individuals supported by Russia, reported CNN.

CNN, citing intelligence sources, reported that the information received by the Americans mentioned the possibility of Russia conducting "sabotage attacks" on American installations and military personnel through individuals supported by Russia.

These actions would be analogous to other acts of sabotage that Russia has conducted in Europe in recent weeks, causing fires and explosions, among other things.

American intelligence services received this information within the last two weeks. The information was alarming enough to prompt a rise in the readiness level at American military bases in Europe—something that hadn't happened in many years.

However, CNN did not provide details regarding the nature of the threat or information about the individuals Russia may be using to carry out such actions.

"Terrorists are getting into Europe"

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, when asked about these reports by the Polish Press Agency during a briefing in Washington, confirmed that "unfortunately, this threat is present all over Europe." He added that Polish security services work daily with American services to counter this threat.

- What is the cause of this threat? It stems from the fact that often, people who get into Europe are not migrants in any way but terrorists. We need to prevent such challenges and constantly cooperate with allied services to counter these acts. Of course, this is a significant operational challenge - said the Polish Minister of National Defence.

The first such situation in 10 years

In some European American military bases, the readiness level was raised to the second highest level, "Charlie," during the last weekend of June. It is the first such situation in 10 years.

According to military explanations, this action is taken "when an incident occurs, or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely."

USEUCOM spokesperson, Dan Day, did not comment on details regarding specific protection levels. In an interview with CNN, he emphasised that various factors affecting the safety of American military personnel abroad are constantly evaluated, and additional steps are taken as needed.

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