LifestyleA new hijab-exclusive beach opens in Montenegro's historic Ulcinj

A new hijab-exclusive beach opens in Montenegro's historic Ulcinj

In a hijab on the beach
In a hijab on the beach
Images source: © Getty Images | Morteza Nikoubazl
Ilona Raczyńska

27 June 2024 19:56

The first beach on the Adriatic Sea exclusively for Muslim women wearing hijab has been opened in the south of Montenegro. The advertisement for the new urban attraction states, "All visitors should adhere to the rules and customs prevailing in this area."

Ulcinj is one of the oldest settlements on the southern coast of Montenegro and a trendy resort for tourists.

Crowded Ulcinj

Many associate it with Albania, as it is about 14 kilometres in a straight line from the border with that country. The streets are always crowded, and it is hard to find parking spaces near the beaches.

The city is known for its old town, which includes the area of a former pirate fortress. Another popular spot is the Great Beach, which stretches from the border with Albania. Tourists also eagerly visit the rocky Women's Beach, which got its name because many locals believe that the microelements in the water positively affect fertility.

Beach for women in hijab

According to the 2011 census, 73 percent of the population in the town itself declared themselves as Muslims. The authorities of the tourist destination decided to meet the expectations of Muslim women and have now designated a beach where they can comfortably relax... in hijab.

This is the first such beach for Muslim women on the Adriatic - the Klix portal reported. The beach is closed so women can "feel comfortable and have fun without fear of intrusive behaviour and prejudices," it reads. On a small section of the coast, about 20 sunbeds have been placed for the convenience of the bathers.

  • City beach in Ulcinj
  • Ulcinj from a bird's eye view
[1/2] City beach in UlcinjImages source: © Getty Images | PAUL BIRIS

"All visitors should adhere to the rules and customs prevailing in this area. Ulcinj is one of the favourite places for summer holidays, and the beach designated for women in hijab will contribute to the inclusiveness of the city," it was noted in the advertisement of the newly opened beach.

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