NewsWendy's eyes Europe: Expansion plans include the East

Wendy's eyes Europe: Expansion plans include the East

Wendy's Restaurant in Canada
Wendy's Restaurant in Canada
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Jacek Losik

10 July 2024 20:17

American fast food restaurant chain Wendy's plans to expand into Europe. A few years ago, it returned to the United Kingdom but is also looking for franchisees in other countries. Speaking about expanding operations on the continent, the company mentioned the European eastern market.

Wendy's is a fast food chain that has been operating since 1969, offering, among other things, its distinctive square hamburgers. The first restaurant with a logo depicting a smiling, red-haired girl with pigtails was opened in the city of Columbus, Ohio. After more than 50 years, the company now aims to expand its operations in Europe.

After Wendy's returned to the United Kingdom in 2021, the chain signed two agreements with franchisees in Romania and Ireland, who will help open outlets in 2025, with hundreds expected to open within a decade.

The company announced it actively seeks franchisees in other European markets, including Poland and the Czech Republic. Candidates for this role should demonstrate extensive operational experience, knowledge of the local market, and a documented history of dynamic brand development.

Wendy's expansion into Europe

- We are continuing our journey to become a brand of increased global significance, and Europe is a high-priority, strategic growth market to expand Wendy's presence internationally. To accelerate our momentum, we are focused on building relationships with franchisees who share our ambition to grow and scale Wendy's restaurant footprint across the continent - says E. J. Wunsch, president of the Ohio-based network.
And he adds: - It's an exciting time to be with the Wendy's team in Europe. Brand fans and customers continue to ask us, "Where is Wendy's opening next?" We are ready to answer the demand by bringing more Wendy's to more people – putting our fresh, high-quality and delicious food into the hands of European consumers where they live, work and play

Currently, the American company has 7,100 restaurants in over 30 countries, mainly in the USA and Canada. Its headquarters is located in Dublin, Ohio.

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