EntertainmentWade Wilson: The unsettling trend of romanticising serial killers

Wade Wilson: The unsettling trend of romanticising serial killers

Sentenced to death Wade Wilson
Sentenced to death Wade Wilson
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1 July 2024 22:01

Wade Wilson is an American who was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of two women in 2019. After killing one of his victims, he allegedly drove over her with his car until she "looked like spaghetti." Despite this, many social media users are fascinated by Wilson, which is terrifying.

Cases involving serial killers always evoke intense emotions. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Zodiac are constantly in the spotlight in popular culture, and films, series, and books are created about them. There is a certain curiosity about these killers. People want to understand why they did what they did and acted in a particular way. However, there are individuals whose fascination reaches a disturbing level, where curiosity transforms into admiration and adoration.

Many social media users are interested in the lives of serial killers. There would be nothing wrong with this if it weren’t for the fact that a significant portion of them fall into a kind of obsession, almost admiration. On TikTok, we find numerous edits in which Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer are portrayed as men worth getting into a relationship with and creating a bond. Let’s remember these men raped and brutally murdered their victims. The issue of romanticising serial killers has resurfaced—this time due to Wade Wilson.

Wade wilson. Serial killer admired by women

Wade Wilson, a man from the United States, first made headlines in 2019. He was then arrested for the brutal murder of two women. The trial began a few years later, and the traditional and social media once again buzzed about the killer. It’s saddening, however, that a significant number of internet users are discussing the man sentenced to death.

If anyone thought that Wade Wilson came to the attention of social media users because they were disgusted by his behaviour, they were gravely mistaken. The serial killer, who appeared in court with Nazi symbols tattooed on his face, is making headlines because many women on TikTok find him attractive. Yes, you read that right. Potential victims of Wade Wilson are creating romantic edits on social media and cannot get enough of the killer.

Let’s remember Wade Wilson murdered two women. He told his father that when he realised one of them was still alive, he got out of the car and drove over her until "she looked like spaghetti". In the courtroom, this man showed no emotion and even sneered multiple times as the prosecutor talked about his victims. Despite this, many women record TikToks expressing that they would happily go on a date with him. Out of respect for the murdered, we will not share them here.

Why is sexualising killers wrong?

All those who admire serial killers to the extent of dreaming of dating them forget one crucial aspect: the victims and their families, who must live with trauma for the rest of their lives. Of course, looking at photos of killers or reading about them, one can state that many were attractive. However, there is a difference when we start to fantasise about going to bed with people who took the lives of many innocent individuals.

Most of us probably remember the massive criticism directed at the drama series creators about Jeffrey Dahmer. The families of the murdered spoke out. They emphasised how difficult it was for them while Evan Peters (who played the lead role) received awards for his portrayal, and they had to relive the worst moments of their lives. This caused a similar situation. Many women dreamed of going on a date with Dahmer. Among them was the singer Ariana Grande.

We urge people not to romanticise serial killers. They are heartless and empathetically deficient individuals who prioritise satisfying their sick needs. Let’s read about them, educate ourselves, and learn to identify warning signs when someone seems suspicious. But let’s not fantasise about those who pose a real threat to us.

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